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About YE’S



YE’S is the first apart-hotel chain in Russia, founded in 2011. For several years of its existence the chain key count has amounted to 1500 apartments. The chain is being developed in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg as well as outside Russia. The projectable key count reaches 3500 apartments.

Apart-hotel chain YE’S has its own technical and operational standards that combine high international requirements and unique features of apart-hotel segment in Russia.

Apart-hotels YE’S are marked (recognized) with international certificates and rewards:

  • International certificate BREEAM
  • the winner of Russian stage in International contest FIABCI Prix d’excellence-2015
  • prize winner of Russian Hospitality Awards-2014

Our mission

To do everything possible to answer our clients «YES».

Our values

Honesty and responsibility, dedication and empathy are the main postulates in working with our customers, be it investors or tenants.


Reliability of YE’S for investors is in business stability Company group “Pioneer” to which they entrust its capital, in accomplishment of deals in the frames of Federal Law 214, in precise agreements for their property management at the stage of hotel maintenance.

Compliance of lease terms, long-term agreements and fixed lease rates – these are reliability guarantee of YE’S for private and corporate tenants.

Economic efficiency

Economic efficiency of investment in YE’S is based on strong demand for residential lease and consequently on ensured income acquisition from assets in long-term outlook.

Tenants choose YE’S considering reasonable rates comparing with long-term hotel accommodation, and also due to rationality of expenditures for high-quality accommodation which is not always possible in rental units. Customers choose for themselves what should be included in rental cost and can “adjust” the convenience of accommodation on an individual basis.


Nowadays only seasoned professionals, energetic, creative, competent and successful specialists can earn decently and consequently have opportunity to invest their capital. Investment project that they choose should not outlive their usefulness in several years and should not cease to bring income; it has the obligation to constitute contemporary approach enabling investors to gain new altitudes in their business without wasting precious time for asset management. Work technique of apart-hotels YE’S takes it into account and doesn’t mean investors involvement in the process of real property management, which is particularly relevant in present-day conditions.

For young or consummate specialists career development is now connected with dynamic pace of life. Their effective work is impossible without enabling of high-level service, that can be ensured only by modern and technologically simple real estate properties, which can justly be referred (attributed) to apart-hotels YE’S.


Quality of service is equally important for both investors and tenants of apart-hotels YE’S.

In apart-hotels YE’S tenants are offered one touch service in the format 24/7: reception service, cleaning of apartment, laundry and dry-cleaner service, storage system, vehicle rent and other services for comfortable accommodation.

Customer service for investors both on the stage of hotels construction and on the stage of its operation and maintenance is conducted by personal managers, which provide with ease of purchase and maintenance of apartments YE’S.



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